Keskowethyans Multi Academy Trust

Keskowethyans Multi Academy Trust comprises five schools - Coverack Primary School, Grade-Ruan Church of England School, Manaccan Primary School, St Keverne Primary School and St Martin-in-Meneage Primary School.


On 1st March 2014 the St Keverne and Coverack Federation of Schools joined with three other schools, Grade-Ruan C of E School, Manaccan Primary School and St Martin Primary School, to form the Keskowethyans Multi-Academy Trust.  Each school has retained its individual identity but collectively we work together to share resources. 


All the children meet for activities such as our annual Beach Day, held at Kennack Sands, and Sports Days.  The joining up promotes cohesiveness, builds new friendships and ensures there are lots of familiar faces when the children go to secondary school.


The governance model for the schools in the Multi Academy Trust is different to that of a maintained school and comprises Members, Directors and Partners in Learning.  Please see the link above for an article by Alison Powell of the Department for Education which explains how Academy Trusts and their governing bodies work together in general. 


The governing body brings a wealth of experience from their roles as parents, staff and members of the community and the skills they each employ in their work.  The positions are voluntary and unpaid yet the schools could not exist without them.  They give up their own time to attend meetings and training - each do it because they believe our village schools are vital for our children and our communities.


The Members

See right for the list of members and their contact details.


The Directors

The Directors were all existing governors of the schools that joined together to form the Keskowethyans MAT.    See right for the list of Directors and their contact details.


The Partners in Learning

On conversion to academy status, the existing Local Governing Bodies ceased to have any legal status and their members sometimes felt unsure of their role and the extent of their involvement in the new MAT structure.  The MAT therefore initiated a consultation with the local committees to find a way forward.  This produced a really positive outcome in that some folk really wanted to be engaged locally and in a more positive role.  From this emerged a group of people who are appropriately called Partners in Learning (PILS).


The Directors are extremely keen for our Partners in Learning to really become the very local ‘eyes and ears’ of the MAT, regularly feeding back important school-based information to the Board. So the PILS will assist the Board of Directors in delivering and monitoring the curriculum throughout our five schools.  They will also be invited to serve on any one of the Board's committees. They will meet as a group once a term with the Head and Assistant Head, with Jan Halliday as their co-ordinator.  It is planned that there will be at least two partners in each school, recruited either from parents or the local community.  


To find out more about PILS and whether it might be right for you or someone you might recommend, please don't hesitate to contact Jan Halliday (email: or Mrs Sherlock (email:  They would be pleased to hear from you and really welcome your interest.  For a list of Partners in Learning and their contact details, see the tab to the left.


The Committees

Each Director of the Trust and Partner in Learning sits on a Committee, of which there are four: Personnel, Finance, Curriculum and Premises.  See above for a list of the Committee Members and their contact details.