Gardening Club

8th May 2017
This week gardening club started back up again, and with blue skies and sunshine we were delighted to get stuck in!
Some of the funds raised by the sale of the gardening club seed bombs at the Christmas Fair have been used to buy a variety of plants, and today some of them found homes.
Our project this afternoon was to clear the rockery in the Godrevy class garden. Many hands make light work and within the hour the rockery was cleaned up, reinstated and all planted out. We even found lots of strawberry plants hiding beneath the weeds and hope to see some fruit on those in the next few weeks!
A big thank you to those who came along to help. Next week we're back in Carleon making their beds pretty again!
12th December 2016
Well done to gardening club, we raised £68 from selling the seed bombs we made - thank you to all our customers! This money will go back into buying equipment and plants for the club. Thank you to Leo, Fin and Tom for looking after the stall!
28th November 2016
Industrious gardening club making seed bombs to sell at the Christmas fair.
21st November 2016
Another productive gardening club this week - we had one group outside sorting bulbs, and another indoors making degradable papier-mâché plant pots. We were really pleased to see that the seeds for Eliza's food we planted last week have already started to sprout too.
Next week we're planning to make wild flower seed bombs!
17th November 2016
Cornwall Gardens Trust have accepted our grant application for funding towards gardening club, and awarded us the maximum amount of £300. We will be using this towards raised beds/planters and equipment.
14th November 2016

This week at gardening club we planted a variety of bulbs, including daffodils, narcissi and tulips.
While clearing the beds we found some unidentified bulbs so also put some of those in - we can't wait to find out what they are (if they grow!). 
We also planted a special tray of food for the new addition to Carleon class - Eliza the tortoise!
The seeds are being taken care of by Mrs Goodwill in her office, and the children have been briefed to remind her to keep them watered! 
7th November 2016

We had a really successful first gardening club. Twelve students worked together to clear the two raised beds in Carleon class garden, ready for next week when we will be planting daffodil and tulip bulbs.

We enjoyed getting stuck in with clearing the weeds, and finding worms, centipedes and caterpillars!

If anyone would like to contribute to gardening club that would be wonderful - we could do with some hand tools (forks and trowels), child sized gardening gloves and bags of compost.