Leggan Class

Leggan Class is taught by Mr Mitchell, assisted by Mrs Duck and Mrs Cleminson.  The class comprises children in Years 5 and 6.  
We love our classroom and are very proud of the work we do in it.
If your child is in Leggan Class, you can use your Google Classroom parent login to view the class page with information and photographs of what the children are working on.
1)    Always follow all school rules
2)    Set a good example to younger pupils at all times
3)    Work hard, with best effort in all lessons
4)    Return homework on time, including all reading and spelling
5)    Treat all adults and children in school with respect
6)    Be a good friend to others
7)    Always have correct school uniform and PE kit, and everything else needed, such as reading
        records and coats
8)    Co-operate with others, avoiding and helping to prevent arguments
9)    Show good sportsmanship in games, including at playtimes and lunchtimes
10)   Help others, and the teachers, by keeping the classroom tidy without being asked
1)   Certificates and badges will be awarded to all Super Sixes
2)   Can sit on the benches in assembly
3)   Can stay in school (in public areas) during playtime and lunchtime play
4)   Will be chosen to do important jobs for adults
5)   Can use the photocopier, with permission
6)   Can use the laptops at lunchtime
7)   Can help the younger pupils with reading and ICT when needed
8)   May be chosen as leaders and captains in school activities
9)   May be asked to escort visitors around the school
10)  Chosen first when help is needed around the school
In Leggan we marked Remembrance Day events by creating our own poetry.  We used World War 2 as a stimulus and had a focus on figurative language and devices.  This is a poem from one of our year 6 children.

I entered the attic 

My old war crate lay bare 

My heart turned static 

I opened it with dare.

My helmet, guns and notes 

Were a lightning bolt of pain and sorrow

It was all a reminder of the boats 

My stare went on till tomorrow.


It was a war for the ages of history

Among the pages ley dark clouds

it was all a mystery

The gun shots were loud

We were fighting for our beliefs

We knew we would find a way 

It was a shockwave of relief

We should be thankful for the life we live today.