Carleon Class

In Carleon Class, we have a mix of Reception, Year One and Year Two children, taught by Mrs Harman and assisted by Mrs Belfield and Miss Dilworth.
Our fantastic classroom allows us lots of space to learn and be creative.
We love to use our role play area and work together on our interactive smartboard.
We can often be found outside, taking part in active learning and making the most of our wonderful garden and our new outdoor learning space.
If your child is in Carleon Class, you can use your parent google classroom login to view the class page, with information and photographs of what the children are working on.

Mary Anning—Fossil Hunter

The children in Carleon Class have been so excited to learn more about this determined and brave lady. This week we made our own fossils. One with clay imprints and the other using a playdough mould and pouring in plaster-of-Paris. They look AMAZING!


Continuing on our dinosaur theme, we had a closer look at skeletons this week and did a fantastic job creating our own dinosaur skeletons using only paper straws, scissors and glue!


Our Year 2s have been learning about position and direction. We  went outside and drew mazes for our friends to follow using position and direction vocabulary: left, right, forwards, clock-wise and anti-clockwise.